Our Story

Our Story

Margo Belle Designs specializes in sourcing spectacular fabrics that are lovingly hand sewn into a-line skirts, handbags, aprons, belts, kid's clothes, gifts for men and other fabulous designs. Our individually selected fabrics feature nostalgic florals, retro polka-dots, and funky geometrics. So whether your style is modern or classic, flirty or shy, you are sure to find the perfect piece!

Location, Location, Location

Margo Belle Designs is located in a majestic part of the United States known as Denver, CO. Our lovely urban town allows us to ski, mountain climb, hike, walk, shop, spa, drink local spirits and beer, and eat amazing amounts of food within miles of our home. We are fortunate to live here, and if you're not a native or a transplant, no worries, you can always visit!

100% Handmade Locally

Because we love Denver so dearly, we also have our Margo Belle Designs handmade locally. You'll often find us in our studio designing, cutting, and sewing away on many projects. When we get busy, we ask for help and our helping hands reside down the street from us.  We want you to buy local and that means that all of our products are made locally. Owning our small local business employs more than just us and those that help us sew. We hire local photographers, marketing experts, graphic designers and work with other local artisans and makers. When you buy a product from Margo Belle Designs, you can be assured that your money is being filtered back into your community. 

Designer :: Curator :: Maker

Heather Phifer is an originator from the south, a Portland, OR transplant of 10 years and now an admirer of Denver, the town she calls home.

As a kid, Heather always wanted to be an adult. She dreamed of a life as a lawyer or the VP of a software company. As dreams are known to come true, Heather found herself working in the banking software business for 11 years. As she coded, filed and chatted about mortgage documents to banks, she wished that she was that kid again. Adult responsibility wasn't what she had imagined at age 10. Life changes, people change and Heather just realized one day that she needed to move on and do something she was passionate about.

Heather learned to sew in a grade school home economics class. She dabbled through the years making gifts, recovering pillows or working through dress patterns. It wasn't until she took on the daunting project of making a quilt with a $25 sewing machine she found at a Portland garage sale that she really started sewing again. From there Heather started making home decor and founded Elevated Scraps in 2010. With Elevated Scraps, she makes room decor and party decor.

Heather's husband likes to tell her that she works too much, so she proved him wrong by adding Margo Belle to the life equation. What girl wouldn't love to have her own apparel line? Now when she tells people what she does for a living, she explains the multiple businesses summarily by saying "I love what I do!".